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Finding a JoyRock is Like Discovering Hidden Treasure!

JoyRox are a cross between pet rocks, street art, and geocaching (hide and seek). These colorfully decorated rocks are designed to bring random acts of joy to the special people who find them. They stand out in their surroundings, enticing you to bend down and pick them up. Holding a newly-found JoyRock in your hand makes you feel like you unearthed hidden treasure that was left just for you. Once at home, look up your Rock’s name on the Galleries Page and Contact us so we know your Rock has been happily adopted. Put your JoyRock in a prominent spot so it can continue to work its magic and remind you that there is much joy in this life... and that it’s usually found in the little things.

Create Your Own JoyRox

FREE Step-by-step directions to Create Rosette JoyRox that look just like this one!

Once you are hooked, there are Style Sheets to make a total of 12 different JoyRox.

Clues to Find Hidden JoyRox


BYO Parties for Adults!

Birthday Parties for Kids!

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Community Caches!


Collaborate - create your own!

Check the Calendar for upcoming events open to the public.

JoyRox are hidden all the time. In the Hidden Rox Gallery captions there are clues to hiding places. Go find yours!

JoyRox for Sale are in the  Available Rox Gallery.

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All JoyRox have names! Visit the Hidden Rox Gallery and read the captions to learn yours.

Let us know your JoyRock has been ADOPTED via the Contact Page.

Joy It Forward
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The Joy It Forward Movement  involves sponsoring a Rock from the Available Rox Gallery. You buy, but we don’t ship it to you; instead, we hide it to bring joy to an unsuspecting stranger. We put a note about you In the Hidden Rox Gallery as well as a clue to the hiding place. And then we wait….

Pile of JoyRox Squirp JoyRock

Captions in the Adopted Rox Gallery contain some touching lessons of letting go, patience, and joy. If you received a JoyRock as a gift, this is where you will find its name. Click here for some extra-special JoyRox Stories.

JoyRox Workshop Decorator

Spreading Joy - One Art Rock at a Time™